About the film festival:
Film at Lincoln Center announces the seventh edition of Art of the Real, an essential showcase for the most vital and innovative voices in nonfiction and hybrid filmmaking, taking place November 13-26.

An enigmatic and richly detailed meditation on the thingness of things, Jessica Sarah Rinland’s film investigates the ambivalent relationship between original and copy through a mysterious array of objects and animals: howler monkeys reintroduced into a national park in Rio de Janeiro; tusks salvaged from a shipwreck and then molded and recast; countless replicas of Greek and Egyptian artifacts. Captured in intimate close-ups and with vivid sound, these obscure acts of preservation and replication are rendered ritualistic, almost devotional, replacing unstable and ephemeral originals with duplicates that attain a kind of mystical perfection.

Filmmaker’s Talk: More than Human Relations
Nov 21, 2020 02:00 PM (EST)
Working along a cultural continuum that entangles pasts, presents, and futures, these filmmakers reflect on the poetics of objects and natural forms. Sky Hopinka’s małni—towards the ocean, towards the shore contemplates human and nonhuman embodiments of mythology and ancestral knowledge; Kaori Oda’s Cenote dwells in a silent geology that echoes its own past; Jessica Sarah Rinland’s Those That, at a Distance, Resemble Another meditates upon cultural materiality, authenticity, and agency within Modernist museologies; and Sergio da Costa and Maya Kosa’s Bird Island observes interspecies interaction and its ecological implications from a sensorial point-of-view. The filmmakers will discuss these interfaces of history and how humans, land, and elements of fabrication create worlds together.