Artist and ACT Professor Renée Green’s work has been featured in the art and culture magazine BOMB’s cover in its Winter 2022 issue. Depicting a detail of Green’s seminal Import/Export Funk Office (1992) from its presentation in Berlin’s KW – Institute for Contemporary Art, the magazine includes an extensive interview with art historian and ACT Research Affiliate, Gloria Sutton; the exchange focuses on Green’s last summer exhibition at Bortolami Gallery in New York, Excerpts A.1, as well as the then-upcoming survey exhibition of Green’s work in Berlin, Inevitable Distances.

Last Fall, Green co-taught Circulating Circuits: Enacting Intersections and Diffusion in Print, Matter, and Forms with artist and ACT Lecturer, Jesal Kapadia. An experimental seminar stemming from the Transmedia Storytelling Initiative spearheaded by Prof. Caroline Jones, Circulating Circuits’ syllabus states:

“Despite a seeming dependency on the digital realm, as fatigue of digital forms increases with saturated use, and as distances are bridged by inevitable online exchanges, efforts to shift and incorporate attention in relation to matter and presence is noticeably increasing. The wish for palpable contact is becoming more apparent in forms that can circulate.  These include the increased interest in matter, including printed matter, or matter in space, as in to be in space with others, for example. Books, journals, magazines, posters, vinyl records, cassettes, and hand-engaged processes continue to exist and thrive, amidst futuristic projections of the late 20th and early 21st century that seemed to doom these formats to obsolescence.”

In the spirit of Circulating Circuits, ACT would like to highlight now a variety of publishing and spatial operations in which Green has been engaged with in the last few months. These take the form of printed matter and its translation into digital forms, as well as a presentation of her Space Poem #1 (2007) at Boston’s ICA, signaling the work’s accession into the Institute’s collection; on view since last Fall, Green’s current presentation in Boston will be occupying ICA’s Founders’ Gallery until February 27th, 2022.


Circulating Circuits

Renée Green by Gloria Sutton
BOMB, Winter 2022, Issue 158
“On the occasion of Inevitable Distances, a two-venue retrospective in Berlin, Green traces the serial forms and “ongoingness” in her research-driven, visionary films and installations.”

Extraterritorial Operations and Some Kind of Durations: Encountering On Kawara and Chantal Akerman
Artists on On Kawara. DIA Art Foundation, Artists on Artists Lecture Series
Artists on On Kawara is the sixth volume in a series that builds upon Dia Art Foundation’s Artists on Artists lectures. The contributors to this book explore the practice of On Kawara from various points of entry. […] Green weaves a poetic relationship between the work of Chantal Akerman and Kawara.”

Other contributors to this volume include Haim Steinbach, Nancy Davenport, and Alejandro Cesarco, among others.

Renée Green and Kandis Williams Share an Artistic Frequency
Cultured Magazine
September-November 2021 Issue
“Renée Green and Kandis Williams have never met IRL, but they share a frequency as artists invested in language, publishing and their collusions with the visual.”

In Conversation: Renée Green and Gloria Sutton
Pacing, Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts
February 18, 2021
Sutton: “I wanted to start by thinking about something you reminded me of, which was via Jean Genet: that books are places to put things into, objects that permit us to move on. I thought we’d start tonight’s conversation, Renée, by looking at your publishing and book projects. Could you walk us through a few of these examples?”

Code: Survey
Portable Gray: Another Idea
Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry, University of Chicago, IL.
“Rather than approaching this exhibition as a virtual version of something that might otherwise live offline, Another Idea is devised specifically to question the relationship between the space an artwork occupies and what form(s) that artwork might take; i.e. conceptual art.”

Code: Survey
Peruse Code: Survey’s website

Space Poem #1
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. Founder’s Gallery
“These Space Poems […] are a way of organizing [Green’s] thought processes at a given moment, combining her wide-ranging intellectual pursuits and patterns of associative thinking with her interest in printmaking, design, typography, and a conceptual approach to space.”

Renée Green on Making Space for Unknowability
Artforum International, as told to Isabel Parkes
December 30, 2021
“‘I’ve never been interested in institutions per se,’ Renée Green explained to me over Zoom in late November. ‘Always more so in the dreaming, in the fictional aspects that open up possibilities of how someone can live.’”