4.330/4.331 Introduction to Networked Cultures and Participatory Media: Media City

Amber Frid-Jimenez

TA Sohin Hwang

This hands-on, project-based course explores the field of design for networked bodies in urban space. We will examine the ethical, aesthetic and architectural challenges of engaging the dynamic information that defines our networked lives. We use design exercises to develop social interactions, communication devices, and sensory experiences that address critical issues within the context of the city. The ideological framing will draw from theories and practice in new media, urbanism, networked cultures, information design, film, art, and fashion.

In connection with the VAP lecture series, course research will focus on the impact of network and mobile technology within the urban context. In particular, we will approach the city as a site for mobile activism and contemporary art practice.

This workshop is taught in two parts. The Monday Night@VAP lecture series entitled “City as Stage, City as Process,” co-directed with VAP Director Ute Meta Bauer, brings together speakers from art and (counter) culture, architecture, urbanism, and media technology to discuss such questions as: In what way is the city not a fixed entity, but a process? How do artists and cultural activists reclaim the street, activating the city as backdrop and insisting on public space? What makes a city a city? Who owns the city? How can media technology be designed to intervene in and navigate the city? The series, which will also be open to the public, includes the following speakers: Christoph Schaefer, Joan Jonas, Muntadas, The Yes Men, Ana Miljacki, Nomeda Urbonas, Angus Boulton, and Krzysztof Wodiczko.


  • Prereq: None
    Units: 3-3-6
  • Notes: 4.330 subject level g / 4.331 subject level u: hass-ci
  • Schedule: M 10:30a-1:30p with recitation M 7-9p E15-070
    Location: n51-315

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