4.356/357 Cinematic Migrations

Instructor: Renée Green

Desire for cinema perhaps existed before its creation. How has the moving image been used to explore ideas, and what contexts has and does it appear in? Questions regarding this speculation and the variety of ways this longing has been addressed in the past and present form the basis of inquiry in this course. A multi-faceted look at cinema’s transmutations over time, the emergence of cinemas around the world on local and national levels, and the global migrations of those cinemas. Explores how cinema has been transformed in and by online video and television, spatial installations, performance and dance, and an expanding range of formats and portable devices, as well as the theory and context of how cinema is categorized, disseminated, and analyzed. Activities will include presentations, screenings, trips, readings, and conversations with guests. This workshop is meant to stimulate further experiments in transdisciplinary forms and to broaden students’ perception of cinema in the present.


  • Units: 3-3-6
  • Schedule: M 7-10 pm, T 9:30am-12:30pm
    Location: e15-001