4.344/5 | Advanced Photography and Related Media



Instructor: Lara Baladi

TA: Kwan Q Li

4.344/5 | Advanced Photography and Related Media – Lara Baladi (Fall 2020) from ACTMIT on Vimeo.

This advanced photography course is designed for students who wish to explore photography, images and archives, as tools and resources for artistic practices.

The course focuses on the use of archival images in photographic practices while encouraging students to explore analog, digital and new technologies.

Through lectures, readings, film screenings, student-driven projects, visiting artists’ presentations and critic sessions, students experiment with a range of artistic strategies, while engaging in cross disciplinary research and working on collaborative and individual assignments. Across a diverse spectrum of themes and historical contexts, students read and discuss theoretical texts related to the use of archives in artistic practices.

Students from various disciplines are encouraged to enroll and to work with a diversity of media and formats, including video, sculpture, multimedia installations and more, providing images remain central to their projects.


This course is open to all students with a background in photography. Pre-requisite: 4.341/4.342 Introduction to Photography & Related Media or the equivalent. Students are required to present a portfolio of 10 to 15 recent images/artworks on the first day of class. No specific equipment is required. Limited Enrollment. 


  • Prereq: 4.341 or permission of instructor
    Units: u 3-0-6
  • Credit: hass-a
  • Schedule: T 9:30AM-12:30PM
    Location: e15-054