4.301 Introduction to the Visual Arts, Sections 1 and 2

Oliver Lutz

Angel Nevarez

This course is an introduction to artistic practice and critical visual thinking. Through a series of three studio-based projects students are lead through various stages of conceptual development while also learning about materials and techniques. The projects are “Body Extension,” involving sculptural, architectural, or corporeal art; “Shaping Time,” involving video and sound art; and “Made Public” involving site interventions and strategies for working in public.

Lectures, screenings, guest presentations, field trips and readings supplement studio practice thus providing an index to the historical, cultural and environmental forces that affect both the development of an artistic vision and the reception of a work of art.

Each of the three assigned projects concludes with a final presentation and critical discussion engaging the course participants. A minimum of six hours per week outside class work is expected. Students from all disciplines are encouraged and welcome to enroll.

This course is a pre-requisite for advanced classes in Art, Culture and Technology and is the foundation for a concentration or minor in Visual Studies.

Lutz Syllabus

Nevarez Syllabus

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