4.343 Advanced Photography and Related Media: Through the Lens, Site and Context

Andrea Frank

Explore with conceptual rigor the photographic process as a medium for artistic expression. A student-initiated term project is developed conceptually and technically throughout the semester. Final projects are presented in an exhibition format.

This semester we will take MIT’s 150th anniversary as a starting point to critically and artistically engage in our immediate context.  The foundation of this investigation will be research in MIT’s history and current engagement in chosen fields.

Students receive practical instruction in fundamentals of analog and digital SLR, medium and large format camera operation, film exposure and development, black and white darkroom techniques, digital imaging, and studio lighting. Work-in-progress is presented and discussed continuously in a critical forum.

Lectures, readings, visiting professionals, group discussions, and a field trip encourage critical awareness of how images in our culture are produced and constructed, an aesthetic appreciation of the medium, and an in-depth understanding of the semester’s theme.
Production time outside class is essential. Beginning and advanced students are welcome. Limited enrollment.


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