4.314/315 – Cinematic Migrations (Adv. Wkshp in Artistic Practice & Transdisciplinary Research)

Instructors: Renée Green, Howie Chen

A multi-faceted look at cinema’s transmutations over time, the emergence of cinemas around the world on local and national levels, and the global migrations of those cinemas. Explores how cinema has been transformed in and by online video and television, spatial installations, performance and dance, and an expanding range of formats and portable devices, as well as the theory and context of how cinema is categorized, disseminated, and analyzed.


  • Prereq: U: 4.301, 4.302, or permission of instructor. G: Permission of instructor.
    Units: 3-3-6
    Lab Fee: $110
  • Credit: u: hass-e, hass-a. g: h-level.
  • Schedule: M 7-10pm
    Location: e15-001