4.302 Introduction to Visual Arts for Architecture Majors

Instructor: Oliver Lutz

Offers a foundation in artistic practice and its critical analysis. Emphasizes the development of artistic approaches and methods and their analogies to architectural thinking and design practice. Develops skills in how to communicate ideas and experiences through two-dimensional, three-dimensional, time-based media, and through new genres. This includes engaging in spatial, sculptural, performative and process-oriented artistic methods. Video screenings, guest lectures, visiting artist presentations, field trips, and readings supplement studio practice. Instruction and practice in written and oral communication provided. Lab fee. Preference to Course 4 majors.


  • Units: 3-3-6
    Lab Fee: $110
  • Notes: credit cannot also be received for 4.301
  • Schedule: TR 9am-12pm
    Location: e15-283a