4.373/374 Sound Installations and Sonic Interventions

Instructor: Gediminas Urbonas

4.373 will engage a dialogue between architecture, urbanism, contemporary art, and sonic practices. The class will investigate sound both spatially and experientially outside of traditional narratives through artistic precedents and student projects. The class will will include examples of artistic and inter-disciplinary practices that provoke questions about both architecture and the body.

The class will culminate in individual or collaborative site-specific sound installations and interventions. Students will research the complex intellectual, social, and historical ecology of the MIT campus as a site for sonic experimentation. Students, in a series of investigative workshops, will focus on unique aspects of the site and then will propose, develop and construct on-site interventions. These “sound pavilions” will function as testing grounds, investigating the links between visual, experiential and sonic cognition.

4.363 will introduce and engage relevant architectural and technological research pertinent to the production of sound installations and interventions. Artists and thinkers who will be covered include composers Paul Earls and Maryanne Amacher, both long time CAVS fellows at MIT, as well as John Cage, David Tutor, Christian Marclay, Ryoji Ikeda, Janet Cardiff, and Ultra-Red.

Students in this course will engage in cooperation and exchange with students in Prof. Keeril Makan’s 21M.351 Music Composition Seminar and visiting artists Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner), and Stephen Vittielo (supported by CAST), and Prof. Neil Leonard, ACT Fellow.


  • Units: u: 2-4-6, g: 3-3-6
    Lab Fee: $110
  • Schedule: T 7-10pm, R 9:30am-12:30pm
    Location: e15-001