4.314/5 | Advanced Workshop in Artistic Practice and Transdisciplinary Research

Experimental Publishing and Archival Research

Instructor: Bik Van der Pol

TA: Angel Chen

Conceiving the world around us as a dynamic living archive, this workshop aims to explore and map forms, strategies, and practices that investigate whether, where, and how art can produce a public sphere or a space of collectivity. We will critically and constructively review what “archives” are: how and by whom they are formed and made accessible, what is kept and what is left out, how information is disseminated, and how outcomes of time- and research-based practices may contribute to defining art in a new way, aided by cross-fertilization and collaborations with other fields.


  • Credit: u: hass-e, hass-a
  • Schedule: WF 9:30-12:30
    Location: e15-207