4.341/2 | Introduction to Photography and Related Media

From Light to Pixels

Instructor: Lara Baladi

TA: Francesca Liuni

This introductory course offers an overview of the photographic medium as a tool for creative expression. Throughout the semester, students will explore a range of fundamental image-making techniques and a visual vocabulary while working on individual and collaborative projects. Through lectures, readings, visiting professionals, and field trips, students will learn how to mediate their ideas visually while developing an awareness of how images can affect our everyday perceptions as well as our critical thinking. Students will create photograms, build pinhole cameras, and work with 35mm analogue and SLR cameras. They will receive instructions in film exposure and development, black & white darkroom techniques, digital imaging and digital printing. They will work on individual and collaborative assignments throughout the semester and produce and exhibit a final project. Students from various disciplines are encouraged to enroll, with or without previous experience in photography. 35mm and digital SLRs cameras are available for checkout. Limited Enrollment.


  • Credit: hass-e, hass-a
  • Schedule: TR 2-5
    Location: e15-054