4.344/5 | Advanced Photography and Related Media

Iconography and the Use of Archives in Visual Narratives

Instructor: Lara Baladi

TA: Grisha Enikolopov

This advanced photography course is designed for students who wish to explore the photographic medium as an artistic tool. It focuses on the research and use of iconography and personal and found archival images. Students will develop a “visual vocabulary” and create photographic narratives and engage in cross-disciplinary conversations to work on individual and collaborative assignments and produce a final project. A diversity of forms is considered, including collage or installation as long as photography is central to the project’s making. Lectures, readings, visiting professionals, and group discussions will support students in their creative process. 35mm and digital SLRs, medium format cameras and 4X5 view cameras are available for checkout. This course is open to all students with a background in photography. Pre-requisite: Introduction to photography 4.341/342 OR by portfolio. Limited Enrollment.


  • Credit: hass-e, hass-a
  • Schedule: T 7-10 PM; R 7-9 PM
    Location: e15-054