4.368/9 | Studio Seminar in Art and Public Sphere

Instructor: Gediminas Urbonas

TA: Laura Genes

This class dives into the context of one country to explore ideas of interspecies dialogue, future fiction, and new ecology. The itinerary typically includes meetings with scholars and artists, the exploration of a plantation site, researching the technology relevant to the site, modeling and implementing artistic intervention. 

Assigned readings, group discussion and individual meetings will support the students in developing their proposals. Class is limited to 12 students.

This is a production-based advanced studio requiring some background knowledge of contemporary public art practices and discourse on public space. Grads only. 

Selection and enrollment process will take place in early in 2018. 


  • Credit: hass-e, hass-a
  • Schedule: MW 9:30-12:30
    Location: e15-001