4.373/4 Advanced Projects in Art, Culture and Technology

Instructor: Tobias Putrih

TA: Luiza Bastos Lages

Investigates conceptual and formal issues in a variety of media. Explores representation, interpretation and meaning, and how these relate to historical, social and cultural contexts. Helps students develop an initial concept for a publicly situated project. Includes guest lectures and visiting artist presentations. Additional work required of students taking graduate version.Limited to 20.

Students taking a production-based ACT class will be charged a $75 lab fee after the add date on a semester basis. The fee covers the cost of student production materials used as part of the class. SMACT graduate students are exempt from the lab fee.  


  • Lab Fee: 75
  • Credit: hass-a
  • Schedule: MW 9:30-12:30
    Location: e15-283a