Interaction, Intervention, Transformation
Two-day audio workshop addressing audiovisual productions

Instructor: Fender Schrade

October 3 Friday 10a – 6p
October 4 Saturday 10a – 6p
N51 Sound Studio and Room 348

The workshop focuses on sound and sonic components in time-based production such as performance, video and film. We will explore and question the interaction between audio and visual to investigate the “in-between” – the space that contradicts binary notions of music (e.g. the concept of major/minor in western music), and binary notions of the construction of gender identity. We will also explore the sensual and corporeal aspects of sound, both in its production and reception. One aspect is to explore this as a unitary and social phenomenon in terms of its role in evoking emotion and expression (such as in dance). Participants will work with self recorded soundscapes or produced material. The aim of this workshop is to encourage creative work, critical thinking, and to examine their
interconnection. Furthermore participants will be encouraged to incorporate sound, as a level of knowledge, into their own research areas.

Poster Photo: © Inger Schwarz

Fender Schrade is a transgenderidentified artist and musician, working as a designer and media engineer. Currently
residing in Germany, Schrade has a degree in media engineering, a background in live sound engineering and music composition. In the last years, s/he has focused on audiovisual performance design (theater/ dance) and the construction of various light/ video designs, for example for modern dance performance (Ismael Ivo, Artistic Director of the Dance Biennial in Venice), and for opera (Stuttgart Opera, Germany). Schrade was involved in the opera’s experimental lab, which works in multimedia and modern music theater, interactive performance design and contemporary music. Schrade also composes music for documentary films, performance projects, and authors texts for transgender publications.