2012: learning from the river

January 2012 Winter Independent Activity Period (IAP)

Art, Architecture and Urbanism workshop: Learning from the river (Charles)

01/09/12-01/13/12 – 10am-04:00pm, E15
and Tracey Warr (Oxford Brookes University, UK)
Teaching Assistant: Lily Tran
Not for credit. Additional information

For undergraduate and graduate students wishing to pursue further study in advanced areas of intersection between art, culture, technology, architecture, and urbanism not covered in regular subjects of instruction. A starting point in this workshop is to consider the The Charles River Project (1972) by Gyorgi Kepes, the founder of the MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS). The Charles River Project was envisioned by Kepes as a means to explore new artistic ways of revitalizing the role of the Charles River.

This IAP workshop aims to produce artistic proposals that examine the history or current-day interventions in the river Charles and its biosphere–be they industrial, military, scientific, pedagogical or artistic. Students will be asked to produce a developed proposal/model/prototype for a river structure or vehicle linking it to citizenship, quality of life or artistic fiction. The class projects will investigate the notion “environmental art” and what was suggested by Kepes as a “civic” dimension to art. The IAP workshop will look at innovative, captivating and speculative forms to address the Charles River from the standpoint of the intersection of art, architecture, technology and urbanism.

The workshop will offer readings, film screenings, field trips and meetings with invited scholars, researchers and artists to support the development of the proposals. At the conclusion of the workshop there will be a review with invited reviewers in the CUBE (E15-001) on Friday, Jan 13.