Minor Requirements Flyer

Minor Advisor, Fall 2020: Nida Sinnokrot

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What is ACT?

The Program in Art, Culture and Technology (ACT) is an academic program and research center, part of the Department of Architecture, that facilitates artist-thinkers’ exploration of art’s broad, complex, global history and conjunction with culture, science, technology, and design via rigorous critical artistic practice and practice driven theory.

The HASS Requirement

All MIT undergraduates must select a HASS concentration to meet their General Institute Requirements.
ACT offers a diverse range of subjects, from courses exploring media that include photography, video, and sound, to examinations of cinema, public art, and the intersections of art and culture in the public sphere. If students elect to take two or three more courses in their concentration area, they can declare a HASS minor.

Where Do I Start?

Non-Architecture students looking to explore arts offerings start by taking Introduction to Artistic Experimentation (4.301). Architecture students take 4.302, which is geared for course 4 students. Upon completion of 4.301 or 4.302, or with permission of the instructor, students can take more advanced subjects in the visual arts.


Students submit a their Proposal and Concentration Completion Forms to the Academic Assistant and minor advisor. Forms are available at the ACT academic office (E15-209).

—————————————-The minor program in ACT consists of six subjects arranged into three levels of study and chosen as follows. 4.302, 4.671, and 4.673 are not designated as HASS classes.

Tier 1: Two subjects (either 4.301 or 4.302 AND one more)
one of these:
4.301 Intro. to Artistic Experimentation
* 4.302 Foundations in Art, Design, and Spatial Practices (course 4 majors only)

and one more:
4.601 Intro. to Art History
4.602 Modern Art & Mass Culture
4.606 Visual Perception & Art
4.635 Early Modern Architecture and Art
4.641 19th-Century Art
4.651 Art Since 1940
4.657 Design: The History of Making Things
* 4.671 Nationalism, Internationalism & Globalism in Modern Art  (requires prereq 4.601 or permission of instructor)

Tier 2: Two Subjects
4.320 Intro. to Sound Creations
4.322 Intro. to Three-Dimensional Artwork
4.341 Intro. to Photography & Related Media
4.354 Intro. to Video & Related Media

Tier 3: Two subjects
4.307 Adv. Art, Architecture, & Urbanism in Dialogue
4.312 Adv. Studio on the Production of Space
4.314 Adv. Wkshp in Artistic Practice & Transdisciplinary Research
4.332 Adv. Seminar in Networked Cultures & Participatory Media
4.344 Adv. Photography & Related Media
4.352 Adv. Video & Related Media
4.356 Cinematic Migrations
4.361 Performance Art Workshop
4.368 Studio Seminar in Art and the Public Sphere
4.373 Adv. Projects in Art, Culture and Technology

* not designated as HASS class