György Kepes, Cambridge, 1967. Photo: Ivan Massar. Copyright Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

György Kepes Vision + Value Papers

1965 – 1966

György Kepes’ seven-anthology set was a groundbreaking compilation of essays from artists, designers, architects, and scientists exploring new directions in education, art, science, and visual communications.  This collection of papers contains the correspondence between Kepes, who edited the series, and the various contributors, as well as Kepes’ notes for the volumes.

Additionally, ACT holds first printing editions of each publication for patrons to browse and read.

Each volume, published by George Braziller, includes essays centered around a core theme:

  1. Education of Vision, 1965
  2. Structure in Art and in Science, 1965
  3. The Nature and Art of Motion, 1965
  4. Module Proportion Symmetry Rhythm, 1966
  5. The Man-Made Object, 1966
  6. Sign Image Symbol, 1966
  7. Arts of the Environment, 1972

Contributors included, among others, Rudolf Arnheim, Saul Bass, Max Bill, Marcel Breuer, John Cage, R. Buckminster Fuller, Karl Gerstner, Johannes Itten, Marshall McLuhan, and Paul Rand.

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