The Rotation System

A snapshot of ACT’s VLW Archive includes Cooper’s description of the rotation system, an efficiency method for offset press, and a color sample in four hues demonstrating how a singular image can be manipulated in a manner that enhances experimentation while simplifying the process. In Cooper’s words, “the re-establishment of a complete relationship between process and product and person is perhaps the most valuable aspect of… the [Visible Language] Workshop.”


Complete with Cooper’s handwritten edits, these documents from the VLW Archive reveal the thinking behind the processes developed at MIT that would spark experiments in art, technology, and design. The VLW Archive is one of five ACT Archives and Special Collections. See Policies page for access details.

Note: materials may not be reproduced without first contacting ACT.




Explanation of the rotation system for offset printing. VLWAP00010 single_4_composite1 VLWAP00003
Four-color sample on mylar for offset press, prepared for rotation system. VLW Archive.

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