ACT Hallway

ACT offers a number of resources – facilities and equipment designed to facilitate the creation of art in its many forms, news about potential grants, information about where to purchase the materials needed for the production of art, and URL’s for organizations that may of interest to members of the MIT and art communities.

ACT rooms / labs

ACT’s core facilities are indispensable assets, vital to the production of artistic research and effective course delivery. These facilities include the following:

  • Wood Shop
  • Welding Shop
  • Sewing Room
  • Computer and Interform Editing Lab (IEL)
  • Photography Darkroom
  • Video Editing Suites
  • Sound Studio
  • Lecture Hall
  • Performance Space


The Program in Art, Culture and Technology has a variety of tools available to the students, faculty, fellows and affiliates in the ACT community. Equipment may only be used by individuals with a formal relationship to ACT, whether as a student or faculty member of an ACT class or a fellow or affiliate with a research relationship to the program.  Available equipment includes photographic and video cameras, and lighting equipment. Items may be checked out by students for up to one week.

Useful forms

These forms will be useful to TAs and instructors.



Materials Order Request

Meal Reimbursement

Non-Meal Reimbursement

Travel request