act equipment check-out policy

Equipment may only be used by students currently enrolled in ACT classes. No exceptions are made to this policy.  Available equipment includes photographic and video cameras, and lighting equipment.  The following areas are covered by the Policy:

authorizations and orientations for equipment, iel, and darkroom

  • Authorizations are given for specific rooms and pieces of equipment within a subject.
  • Being authorized for one piece of equipment within a subject does not authorize you for anything else within that subject.
  • Faculty authorizations must be given in person or in writing.
  • If you wish to take out a piece of equipment that you are not authorized for and will not be authorized for in a class, you can sign up for a special authorization session with either your subject TA or with the Media Assistant or Technical Instructor.
  • Authorizations cannot be done on the spot – plan ahead!


  • Reservations can be made only in person at the Equipment Stockroom during Checkout hours. No reservations will be accepted over the phone or email.
  • Equipment may be reserved up to two weeks in advance of the check out time.
  • Reservations for equipment that is in high demand may be restricted if it seems that everyone is not getting an equal opportunity to access that equipment. i.e If you have a camera checked out from Monday to Wednesday, you wouldn’t be able to reserve it for check out from Wednesday to Friday.
  • Students and faculty can make a reservation for the same amount of time as a regular check out: 1 week for most equipment
  • You cannot reserve equipment that you are not authorized to check out.
  • It is not possible to reserve accessories (i.e. cables) in advance.

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  • Equipment is only checked out during the posted hours. Equipment cannot be collected from the Media Assistant or Technical Instructor outside of check-out hours. It must be collected during Equipment Check-out Hours.
  • You must have your valid MIT ID card and already be authorized for the equipment you wish to take out.
  • Most equipment can be checked out for a period of 1 week, while equipment that is more regularly used can be checked out for 3 days.
  • All equipment that is checked out should be thoroughly inspected for damage and/or missing parts and accessories. Notify the IEL/Equipment Monitor if there is a problem with your equipment before you leave the counter.
  • Check to make sure that your equipment is working properly before you leave the Equipment Stockroom area.
  • When checking out equipment, pay close attention to the return time. The return time is recorded in the computer and appears on the receipt you are given when you take equipment out of the building. It is your responsibility to know when your equipment is due and to return it on time!!


  • To renew a piece of equipment that you have checked out, bring the equipment the stockroom BEFORE the original return time. If the equipment is not reserved for someone else, it can be renewed.
  • Renewals will not be given over the phone or by email.

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equipment stockroom policy

The Equipment Stockroom serves as an equipment resource for students currently enrolled in ACT classes who have met the following criteria:

  • A valid, current MIT student ID in their possession.
  • Completed a Liability Contract form.
  • Authorization to use an area, key, or piece of equipment by a faculty member of the same subject as the piece of equipment or area. For example, if a student wishes to use a Video camera, they must be authorized to do so by a faculty member from the Video subject.
  • Classes will be given priority to equipment that is in limited supply.
  • Students cannot authorize other students to use equipment, keys, or facilities unless they have been cleared by a faculty member or the Media or Fabrication Associate to do so.
  • Authorizations for equipment and facilities are generally good for the semester while the student is enrolled in a ACT class.
  • Every student who wishes to work in the darkrooms must complete an authorization session with a photo faculty member or photo TA. This orientation will inform the student of area policies, procedures, and health and safety regulations.
  • Students are not allowed in the equipment room under any circumstances.


  • Equipment is expected to be returned in the same condition it was checked out in. This means: all equipment should be returned in its case and with all accessories, in neat and proper order, all cables should be coiled and tied, all surfaces should be clear of tape, and absolutely no equipment will be accepted if it is wet or dirty!
  • You are responsible for the equipment you have checked out. If a piece of equipment is stolen, lost, or returned damaged, broken, or with missing parts, you will be held financially liable and will be billed accordingly.
  • You remain responsible for a piece of equipment until it is returned in the computer. Never lend your equipment to any one else. You will be held liable for any damage or problems that are incurred.
  • Leaving equipment near the equipment checkout room or near the Media Assistant’s or Technical Instructor’s office never constitutes a “return.” You are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the stockroom schedule. If you do leave a piece of equipment unattended and it is stolen, you will be held liable. If we find equipment abandoned, you will be charged a $10.00 fine.

late equipment and fines

  • If equipment is returned late, you will be required to pay a fine before you can reserve or check out anything else. The amount of the fine is $10.00 per day for every day the equipment is overdue.
  • Returning equipment late doesn’t only damage your wallet, it causes a great inconvenience to other students or faculty who may have this equipment reserved. If you know that you are going to be late due to circumstances that are beyond your control, please contact the Technical Instructor by email.

malfunctioning or broken equipment

  • Let the Media Assistant or Technical Instructor know as soon as possible!! The sooner we know about broken or malfunctioning equipment, the sooner we can get it fixed.
  • Willful and deliberate abuse will always incur a charge at full replacement value, regardless of the age or condition of the damaged equipment. It is also grounds for full loss of checkout privileges.

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