mars lab

The Mars Lab is the main ACT workshop and general assembly area. It is open to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in ACT classes with a fabrication component for the production of class projects.

Photo credit: John Kennard © 2011


  • table saw
  • chop saw
  • band saw
  • drilling/milling/tapping machine
  • sheet metal bender
  • hand-held power tools
  • cordless power tools
  • hand tools


9am-10pm Monday through Friday, 12pm-10pm Saturday & Sunday


Training is required prior to using equipment. Training is available by appointment with ACT Fabrication Associate.


See the ACT Shop User Agreement. A signed copy of the agreement must be handed in to the ACT Fabrication Associate prior to using the Mars Lab.

Click on the “User Agreement” link to see the use policies.  Download shop user agreement