Fabrication Associate

The Fabrication Associate works closely with students and faculty. He/She provides students with instruction on safety procedures related to all shops and techniques of woodworking, metalworking, plaster casting, and digital fabrication; organizes and maintains workspaces, security, and storage; provides technical instruction for visual arts foundations and fabrication-based classes, including orientation to facilities and procedures; and provides technical instruction, consultation, and guidance to students and faculty on the processes that relate specifically to their projects. This individual is responsible for the maintenance of the facilities which include a woodshop, metal shop, sewing, and plaster casting room; the maintenance responsibilities include making sure that the facilities comply with MIT’s environmental health and safety regulations. This is position is a temporary, full-time position for the 2018-2019 academic year, from August 6 to June 30. (MIT Job #16091-6)


Media Assistant

This position is in the Program in Art, Culture and Technology in the Department of Architecture. The Media Assistant 1 (Audiovisual / Photography Assistant) reports to and works in close collaboration with the Media Associate to provide media instruction and support to ACT students as well as provide a wide range of audiovisual and technical support for ACT classes, programs, meetings, lectures and special events. He or she assists the Media Associate in running the program’s Interform Editing Macintosh Lab, Sound Studio, Photo Darkroom, and Graduate Computer Lab. The person also aids in managing equipment checkout and inventory, including digital video, photo, and audio equipment, helping users with department-owned facilities and software (Job #16092).