General Guidelines For Studio Use

The Cube is the location of student studios, it provides social and production space, and is an ACT classroom. The Cube is a very active area. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


Please do:

  • Communicate with your fellow students about shared spaces
  • Feel free to use the classroom area for meetings when a class is not being held there
  • Feel free to personalize your studio without damaging furniture, walls, doors, or windows
  • Feel free to bring additional furniture into your studio, but take care that it does not introduce any insect infestation. Free couches available in the community can host bedbugs and other nasties that can make you sick and snack on your food and project supplies.
  • Keep your projects and possessions inside your studio
  • Check Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for any materials you may wish to work with in the Cube to ensure that you and your fellow students are not exposed to chemical hazards. Ask Greg any questions you may have.
  • Remove all personal possessions from your studio before departing MIT when you graduate. If your studio is not cleaned by the end of the move out date your last semester, you will forfeit your $250 studio deposit. If you have any disposal concerns, talk to Marion Cunningham.
  • Contact Marion Cunningham or Jim Harrington with any comfort or maintenance concern in ACT spaces
  • Call 3-4948 and press 2 if an urgent problem occurs after normal business hours, on the weekend, or on a holiday. Temperature‐related problems outside business hours are best reported by dialing 3-1500. Calls are answered at these numbers 24/7. To insure proper follow-up, please also notify the Financial Assistant.
  • Consult with the Academic Assistant or the Administrative Officer if you have any questions


Please DO NOT

  • Consume alcohol in your studio or any ACT facilities. It is prohibited by Institute policy. Please see for further information. It is possible to serve alcohol at special events; the Financial Assistant can guide you through the approval process that requires a certain amount of advance notice.
  • Use materials or processes that create hazardous fumes in the Cube, for example spray adhesives, paints, and casting resins. If the product you’re using has an ORM-D sticker on it, then it likely falls into this category. The place to do that is in the fume hoods in the Mars Lab E14-151B composite/welding shop. If you have any questions about where or how to do something, ask Greg; he is here to help you.
  • Spill or apply spray mount or paint on the windows, walls, and floors
  • Block doors or walkways
  • Reconfigure the classroom area without consulting with John
  • Store anything outside your studio for a long period of time
  • Leave any door to the Cube open, particularly if you are alone, for reasons of safety and security
  • Leave trash and dirty dishes behind in common areas
  • Abuse the furniture in your studio; the cost of repairs will be deducted from your $250 security deposit



  • Marion Cunningham:

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