class event production guide


Define your project. Inform and get feedback from the relevant parties in your department (your professor, Head of Program, etc).


Floor plan/layout: Create and draw a floor plan. In the case of the gallery spaces in E15 or E14, Contact Marion Cunningham.  She will brief and seek advice from the appropriate facilities manager.

Environment, Health and Safety: Prepare an EHS form and floor plan for the Environment, Health and Safety Office. The Public Programming staff person will forward the final floorplan to the facility managers and the EHS department for approval. Things to watch out for:

  • fire-retardancy in all materials including paper, wood, paint, tarps and so on;
  • accessibility and placement of the exhibited objects (for instance, a “guard” must be placed around a table with legs so that a blind person can detect the object from all sides and heights; also, objects cannot block exit doors and signs; exit signs must be visible at all times).

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Room reservations: Make sure to reserve your room ahead of time. For campus facilities follow the instructions in the MIT Event Guide. For ACT facilities contact the Financial Assistant.


ACT website: Send the information to Communications and Public Programming staff person.

Posters: To obtain the poster template go to the TA Stellar site.  Draft text and poster based on the templates; have your text edited and proofread;  the Communications staff person will be available to consult on design, logos etc, and will also be able to print the final poster for you. Make sure you have all the logos necessary, including those of your funders. Once printed, post your posters around campus and beyond. You can also mail them.

Email Announcements: prepare your email announcement and send it to the Communications staff person. He or she will check it and send it to the appropriate email list. You can forward the final email announcement to friends, faculty, colleagues on other campuses and so on.

Online calendars: some online calendars allow for only 500 characters, so prepare a short version of your announcement to use for the calendars. You’ll want to make sure you list your event on the MIT events calendar.

Arts at MIT spotlight: For certain important events we are sometimes able to get a mention on MIT’s home page as a “spotlight.” This requires 2 weeks advance notice. Materials needed: Large Image; Small Image; Title; URL for your landing page (linking to act website or MIT Events Calendar). Submit your materials to Suzana Lisanti

Kiosk banner: Your class can rent a column in the Architecture lobby (Bldg. 7) where you can hang a big poster for up to 7 days. For more details on that go to the online event guide.

Architecture plasma TVs: contact email hidden; JavaScript is required">Marissa Friedman to have your project featured.

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For further resources see the Campus Activities Complex & Student Activity Office Guide/MIT’s Event Guide:­­