mars lab user agreement

The following policies govern use of the ACT Mars Lab. A signed user agreement must be submitted to ACT before using the lab. A PDF of this agreement is also available at this link.

user agreement specifics

1.  terms of agreement

You are responsible for your own safety and that of others in the room. This shop is intended to be used by ACT undergraduates, graduate students and staff. No person shall operate any machines without a signed agreement.

2. shop hours

Undergraduate students are only to use the shop during normal supervised working hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students should NEVER WORK ALONE.

Graduate students may use the shop outside of supervised working hours only after receiving training & provided they DO NOT WORK ALONE.

3. tools and materials

(a)           Tools in the shop are the responsibility of the user. If they were missing when you arrive, tell us. If the item is broken we will do our best to replace it. Do not remove any tools from the shop. We may be able to loan some special tools. An ID is required for any tool loan. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Plan ahead for tool needs.

(b)           Materials are not provided, unless it is a class exercise. Shop staff may be able to direct you to resources and vendors to purchase materials. There are designated scrap areas but they are not to be relied upon.

(c)           Do not store any projects, materials, or equipment in the shop without permission & an ACT tag. You must remove projects to leave the space available for other users.  Abandoned projects, tools, and materials may become part of a scrap pile and you will be fined $50, the cost of breaking up and disposing of abandoned items!

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4. safety regulations

Use of this facility requires the use of standard safety precautions at all times. To include but not limited to:

(a)           Never work alone after supervised shop hours

(b)           Be aware of how to stop the machine you’re planning to use, and how to call for help (dial 100 from any MIT phone for medical, police, and fire emergencies).

(c)           Safety glasses are your responsibility. You may not work in this space without them. If there aren’t any available when you enter the shop, its no excuse to work without them.

(d)           Long hair should be tied up, neck-ties removed, loose clothes should be tightened, and dangling jewelry should be removed. These can all get caught in the machines and result in severe injury or DEATH.  The death of a student at Yale reminds us of how easily this can happen.

(e)           Do not leave tools lying around when you’re done. Put them in their proper home.

(f)            Always know the safe operation of the machines you wish to run. Never pretend you have experience with a machine. For example: If you have used a table-saw or chop-saw a few times, it does not mean you have been trained to use it. If you are unfamiliar with a particular machine or tool, contact Greg Lookerse for the appropriate training.

(g)           Do not make parts in haste. Plan your job and procedures in advance. Determine what special tools you may need.

(h)           You are required to report all issues, accidents, and tool breakages to Greg Lookerse.

(i)             You may not grant permission to another for any use of this facility. Access to this machine shop is through the shop administrative group only.

(j)             No open-toe shoes in the workshop. Appropriate footwear is leather or canvas. Sneakers are acceptable, ONLY if you do not plan to work with metal – hot sparks from welding, cutting & grinding will melt through synthetic fabrics.

(k)           No food is allowed in the shop.

(l)            No beverages are allowed in the shop.

(m)          Absolutely No Alcoholic beverages are allowed in the shop at any time.

(a)           You are required to clean any machines you may have used, sweep & vacuum your work area, including the floor, BEFORE YOU LEAVE.  If the shop is not returned to the condition in which it was found, the class budget will be charged $25, the cost of having MIT custodial staff clean the area.


Violation of any of the above or improper use of the machine shop may result in loss of access to this facility. The workshop is evolving. More machines and tools will be added over time. A degree of responsibility in maintaining the shop is required on the part of the students using the facility. This includes cleaning up after oneself, returning tools to their appropriate locations, not leaving parts in the machines overnight, etc.

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