letter of recommendation requests

When requesting a recommendation from an ACT faculty member, please email the information below at least three weeks in advance to the ACT faculty from whom you are requesting a reference. Requests to the Program Director should be emailed to email hidden; JavaScript is required rather than being emailed directly to the Director.

  1. What is your name, email address, and phone number?
  2. From whom are you requesting a recommendation?
  3. To whom is the recommendation letter addressed (name, title, address)? Even if the letter will be submitted online or by email, please provide the snail mail address so that the business letter can be properly addressed.
  4. When is the letter due?
  5. How should the recommendation be submitted? (If online, please provide the link. If by email, please provide the email address. If on paper, make sure to specify.)
  6. For what position / program are you being recommended?
  7. What is/was your relationship with the faculty member? (Student? TA? Advisee? etc.) And when did you know the faculty member (what years?)
  8. What classes did you take from this faculty member (if any)? And, if applicable, describe your major project in that class.
  9. What should the faculty member know about what you have been doing lately?
  10. It is recommended that you attach an up-to-date resume or CV; a list of the Visual Arts Program/ACT classes you took and grades (if applicable); and any other additional information that you think the faculty member may find useful as a reference when writing the recommendation.
  11. Finally, it is strongly recommended that you write one to three paragraphs indicating what characteristics/strengths/accomplishments of yours will make a good case for your recommendation. Please be as specific as possible. Having detailed information at our fingertips will likely lead to a more convincing recommendation.

For further information see: Recommendation Letters Explained