Recycling and Trash

This is to acquaint you with the policies and procedures for dealing with any unwanted items at the end of the semester:

The first thing to note is that MIT will NOT accept any BUILDING MATERIALS (including, but not limited to, lumber, concrete, steel, concrete blocks, bricks, plywood, wallboard, insulation, etc.), FURNITURE (including, but not limited to, tables, chairs, etc.), APPLIANCES (including, but not limited to, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc.) or COMPUTER/TV MONITORS for disposal as part of the general trash stream. It is the absolute obligation of whoever brought such materials into MIT OR subsequently made use of them to remove them by their own personal means when required to do so. Please ask if you need hand carts, dollies, etc. to remove heavy items. Arrangements can also be made for movers to haul such items away for proper disposal or recycling. There is a charge for this last service.


If you intend to give unwanted items away, please do not put them out in the corridor with a “REUSE” sign on top. Keep everything in your room and out of exit passages while advertising for takers. During the last week of the semester, extra trash bags (opaque) will be provided for non‐recyclable refuse in the design studios. Large models should please be broken up and put into the bags. Large sheet goods should be cut down to a small size and then also placed in bags. Please do not make the bags too heavy for the average person to lift.

Do not fill the trash bins to overflowing and then quit. Close up filled trash bags and leave them in place in a central area of the room. If anyone feels that they lack the means to clean up, they can contact The ACT Staff, MIT Facilities, or Jim Harrington for assistance. Saying “the trash bins were full” is no excuse for not cleaning up in the common spaces.

Transparent plastic bags are for recycling. The BLUE recycling bins in the design studios and the small gray ones at individual desks can be filled with any recyclable material. This includes bottles and cans plus large format output from the plotters and trace. Corrugated cardboard and chipboard are also recyclable ‐ if folded flat and left NEATLY beside the blue bins. Foamcore, pizza boxes, drink boxes, and waxed cardboard are NOT recyclable. Recyclable drink containers should be emptied of any liquid at a restroom or drinking fountain. Complete MIT recycling info can be found here:

Thank you for your cooperation
Written by Jim Harrington, AIA, Facilities Manager, MIT SA+P


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