raafat majzoub in “Nature – a public program”

Second year ACT graduate Raafat Majzoub will be presenting his new novella, العــــــارية in Park Duden, Brussels on September 6 at 7.30 PM. 

(a public program in the middle of nature, on the modern transformation of nature into Nature)

(with Timothy Morton, Raafat Majzoub, Isabelle Stengers, Fabrizio Terranova, Rodrigo Sobarzo, Cord Riechelmann and a public reading of Xenofeminism)

Aleppo opens in Parc Duden (Brussels) a public program on Nature, taking place in the frame of ParckDesign.

Modernity did not only set the division between nature and culture: it brought a transformation of nature into Nature, an objectified, idealized and fixed image. Starting from this perspective the program of this imaginary school takes place in the park, not in the attempt to reconcile nature and culture, but rather to blur the solidity of these two categories. Through a series of lectures by guest-speakers, reading groups, screenings and performances, this late–summer night school opens a public reflection on the birth of the modern idea of Nature and its domesticated use as a myth in conservative politics, to eventually propose a further one; as Laboria Cuboniks states in the recent manifesto, «Nature shall no longer be a refuge of injustice, or a basis for any political justification whatsoever! If nature is unjust, change nature!».

On the occasion of Nature, Brussels-based research centre, Aleppo, commissioned a new novel to Lebanese writer Raafat Majzoub. In this book, Majzoub starts from the translation of the Arabic word Tat’beeh into Normalization which literally translates to Naturalization in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict.  A novel where Nature no longer appears as a fixed idea opposed to fiction, rather as the instrument to rethink an overrated Real.






“The real is overrated, my dear, so make up your own, and I’m sure that by the time we see each other, the catastrophic people of Arabia would have chosen you as their romantic poet. Until then, habibi, read first sentences, fuck, write and love”.  

— العــــــارية, Raafat Majzoub






On September 6th the book is  distributed and discussed with the author.

*UPDATE: Pictures from the event




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