ACT Lecturer Angel Nevarez exhibits at CUNY


Exhibition on view through Saturday, February 18 

The James Gallery
The City University, New York

365 Fifth Avenue between
34th and 35th Streets
New York, NY  10016
Tue–Thu 12–7pm
Fri–Sat 12–6pm

Shifters proposes new means of engagement with public space in cities as diverse as Guadalajara, Cairo, Novi Sad, and Austin. Like the pronouns “I, you, we,” which shift depending on the person who is speaking, the title suggests relational shifts in the grammar of cities. Deploying strategies in video that range from music and fantasy to documentation, these artists’ practices also operate on an intimate scale in relation to larger urban dynamics.

In Touching from a Distance, Angel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere employ music to alter the unspoken rules of conduct in public space by commissioning a mariachi band to adapt Joy Division’s Transmission for performance in the Plaza of Liberation in Guadalajara. In a more fantastical vein, the rhythm of meditative narration and images of the streets and buildings of Cairo in Hala Elkoussy’s videos tell stories of women in search of a sense of belonging in the city, which is continually undergoing transition. Using a documentary mode the activist artists ruminate on the future possibilities for an abandoned military structure in their city of Novi Sad, Serbia.