ACT Course offerings

MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology offers two new classes for Spring 2012:

4S30 Special Subject: Object Geographies —
Dis-assembly / Re-assembly Workshop in Art and Architecture
Instructors: Azra Aksamija (ACT) and Joel Lamere (Arch.)
MW 2–5P, E15-207, U-Level, Units: 3-3-6
New course offered as a collaboration between ACT and the Architecture Department. Explorations through theoretical research and different methods of digital fabrication leading to artistic/architectural projects. Lectures, readings, visiting artist/architect presentations, and field trip to New York City supplement studio practice. Lab fee $110.

4.365/4.366 Adv. Projects in Visual Arts:
Sound Doing and Thinking
Florian Hecker
TR 9:30-12:30 – E15-001
U-Level, HASS Arts, Units 3-3-6. H-Level grad, units tba.
Aesthetic appreciation of sound and a critical awareness of ways in which sound as an artistic practice is performed, produced and distributed. We investigate specific compositional developments of post-war modernity, electro-acoustic music as well as other non-musical disciplines related to the psycho-physics of hearing and listening. Students develop projects in ACT’s sound studio and beyond. Lab fee $110.

Additionally, these classes will also be offered:

4.301 Introduction to Visual Arts
TR 2–5P – U-Level, HASS-D, HASS Arts. Units: 3-3-6
Section 1: Gediminas Urbonas (E15-207)
Section 2: Angel Nevarez  (E15-054)
Introduction to artistic practice and critical visual thinking. Through three studio-based projects students go through various stages of conceptual development while learning about materials and techniques. Enrollment by HASS-D lottery. Lab fee $110.

4.302 Foundations in Visual Arts & Design for Majors
Azra Aksamija
TR 9:30-12:30, E15-207. U-Level, Units 3-3-6.
Foundation in audio-visual art practice and its critical analysis for beginning architecture students. Restricted to course 4 majors. Lab fee $110.

4.314/4.315 – Adv. Wkshp in Artistic Practice & Transdisciplinary Research: Artistic Interventions – Creative Responses to Conflict and Crises: Disaster at a Distance
Jegan Vincent de Paul
TR 7-10pm. Units: 3-3-6
U-Level, HASS-E, HASS Arts. H-Level grad
What is the role of cultural production and artistic intervention in conditions of conflict and crisis? We look at the on-going crises in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami as a real world scenario to imagine artistic responses. Students develop hands-on projects. As part of the on-going MIT Japan 3.11 Initiative, the class will contribute ideas and engage in conversation with members of the initiative.

4.332/4.333 Adv. Seminar in Networked Cultures (In)dependent People
Gediminas Urbonas
MW 9:30-12:30, E15-283A.
U-Level, units 3-3-6. H-level grad, units tba.
Explore themes related to 2012 Reykjavk Arts Festival: the illusive territory around authorship and collaborative art practice. We will collaborate Icelanders to produce a tactical media project to be deployed in Reykjavk. Lab fee $110.

4.341/4.342 Intro to Photography & Related Media
Andrea Frank
TR 9:30-12:30, E15-054.
U-Level, HASS-E, HASS Arts. Units 3-3-6. G-Level, units tba.
Project-based studio course. Explore how images are culturally produced and constructed. Instruction in analog and digital SLR and medium format camera operation, film exposure and development, black and white darkroom techniques, digital imaging, and flash/lighting. Lab Fee $185

4.343 Advanced Photography and Related Media
Andrea Frank
W 7-10pm, recitation tba. E15-054. G-Level. Units: tba
Explore with conceptual rigor the photographic process as a medium for artistic expression. A student-initiated term project, supported by technical instruction, is developed conceptually and technically throughout the semester. Final projects are presented in an exhibition format. Lab Fee $185.

4.350/4.351 Introduction to Video & Related Media
Angel Nevarez
TW 7-10PM (Tues in E15-054. Wed in E15-001)
U-Level, HASS-E, HASS Arts. Units 3-3-6. G-Level, units tba.
We explore the technical and conceptual variables and strategies inherent in video as a medium for visual art production. Structural concepts of time, space, perspective, sound, and materiality will be analyzed. Students will work with Final Cut Pro, learn some fundamentals of video capturing and editing, montage, and lighting. Lab fee $110.

4.367/4.368 Studio Seminar in Public Art: Spatial Cultural Identity
Antoni Muntadas
MW 9:30-12:30 – E15-207.
Units: 3-3-6. U-Level, HASS-E, HASS Arts. H-level Grad.
We focus on the idea of Spatial Cultural Identity as relevant to the design and intervention of art in urban public space. We address and negotiate the complexities of ideas, situations, objects and materials inherent to any public space. Student projects will be developed. Lab fee $110.

4.390 ACT Studio
Antoni Muntadas
M 2-5PM (E14-140), Units: 3-3-6. H-Level grad.
Restricted to Art, Culture and Technology program masters candidates.