Joan Jonas at McCullough Theater, University of Texas at Austin


Original music performed live by Jason Moran

May 4-5, 2012
McCullough Theater, University of Texas at Austin

Sponsored by the College of Fine Arts and the Department of Art and Art History

Seminal video and performance artist – Jonas presents her cutting edge multi-media video performance. Since the 1970s, Jonas has worked between various mediums, freely incorporating video, movement, music, sculpture, and the spoken word into open-end narratives. Featuring music by Jason Moran, this collaborative work evokes the American Southwest through an artistic consideration of the Hopi snake dance, a ritual that affected Jonas during visits to Arizona in the 1960s.

A featured performance of the 2012 Fusebox Festival

“For The Shape, the Scent, the Feel of Things, I went to Arizona and I was thinking about memories of the American landscape, by which I mean memories from before the Europeans came here. The Southwest is a perfect example of different cultures layered on top of each other, and next to each other. I’m very interested in how stories are retold, of course. That’s what we do—we retell stories.”