Azra Akšamija—Convertible Veils: Negotiating Muslim Identities in the West

Addressing issues of citizenship, ethnicity, and religion, Assistant Professor Azra Akšamija will present “Convertible Veils: Negotiating Muslim Identities in the West” at the Borders Research Initiative symposium on Saturday, October 13, at MIT.

The two-day symposium seeks to understand national borders and crossings in historical perspective, in order to explore how concepts of citizenship, identity, gender, and race have evolved over time, and to gain clarity on the contemporary manifestations of these issues. All sessions are free and open to the public. Click here to learn more.


A Sarajevo-born artist, Professor Akšamija was recently interviewed by The Guardian about the closing of seven of the main national cultural institutions in Bosnia-Herzegovina — most notably, the National Museum, the National and University Library, and the National Art Gallery in Sarajevo. Read the full article here.