Renée Green participates in Chris Marker Symposium

ACT professor Renée Green will be speaking at “Things That Quicken the Heart– Chris Marker: a Symposium” at the Slought Foundation in Philadelphia the weekend of March 15-16.

French filmmaker, essayist, photographer, and multimedia artist Chris Marker, who passed away in July 2012, is well known for works including La jetée (1962), Sans soleil (1983), and A Grin without a Cat (1997). He is was prolifically productive from the 1940s onward, and is widely acknowledged as having a wideranging  and profound impact on the conceptual and technical development of cinema.

Organizers of the symposium include Nora Alter, a speaker in ACT’s spring seminar series and professor in the Department of Film and Media Arts at Temple University, and faculty from the Cinema Studies Program at the University of Pennsylvania.

Alter will be presenting at ACT on Marker’s complex use of sound on April 8th as part of Cinematic Migrations, a two-year collaborative research and production project initiated by Renée Green and co-hosted by the MIT Visiting Artists Program and ACT. The project and the lecture series associated with it, which began in fall 2012, examines the histories and contexts of moving images and time-based forms from multiple perspectives as explored by filmmakers, artists, and thinkers. These explorations include technological and spatial forms themselves; formats, genres, and viewing contexts; and the transversal of aesthetic, cultural, national, and economic borders.

The Marker symposium will feature a variety of speakers in conversation, including Renée Green, Agnès Varda, Raymond Bellour, Bill Horrigan, Sam Di Iorio, Lynne Sachs, Hito Steyerl, Dominique Blüher, Rick Warner, Christa Blümlinger, and Gertrud Koch, and is accompanied by an exhibition of photographs documenting political protests by Marker and friends who shared his political leanings, as well as a street art project, Ciné-Cat: Marking the City.