Space Poem #4 in Empire State: New York Art Now, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome

Renee Green. Space Poem #4, 2013

Early this year, Renée Green’s work Early Videos was included in the New Museum’s NYC 1993, a historical assessment of art made and exhibited in New York over the course of one year.

This summer, Green’s Space Poem #4 (2013) is currently featured in Empire State: New York Art Now, a group exhibition taking place in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, in Rome, Italy. Empire State “is an exhibition that asks how artists might reimagine urban life,” and by “bringing together an intergenerational selection of artists from the city’s five boroughs and related suburban and exurban regions, the exhibition includes works that meditate on the city as a means of distributing power.”

A commissioned work, Green’s Space Poem #4 continues the artist’s explorations of migratory cultural forms and ideas. Consisting of hanging banners in the spectacular neo-classical building, an incantatory list of names is suspended floating in space. Some of the figures invoked by Green are: Matteo Ricci, Lina Bo Bardi, Paolo Virno, Félix Guattari, Luc Ferrari, Bartolomeo Vanzetti, Giuseppe Castiglione, Mario Barwuah Balotelli, Georges Polti, and many others. An open work, Green’s Space Poem #4 continues the artist’s invitation to the viewers to reflect on the combinatory effects of life on the movement of combination people and their ideas.

A selected list of other artists in the exhibition would include Antoine Catala, John Miller, Joyce Pensato, Moyra Davis, Dan Graham, Jeff Koons, Danny McDonald, and Julian Schnabel. The exhibition is accompanied by a lavishly illustrated catalog published by Skira; the book includes texts from the exhibition curators, Sir Norman Rosenthal and Alex Gartenfeld, as well as essays from John Miller, Eileen Miles and Thomas McDonough. A short essay by an author selected by the artist accompanies the pages dedicated to the art works; Howie Chen wrote the text on Green’s work.

The exhibition runs through July 21, 2013 at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, in Rome, Italy. Read more about the exhibition.