AR — Artistic Research

AR - Artistic Research

AR — Artistic Research, edited by Ute Meta Bauer and Thomas D. Trummer, brings together historical and current approaches to artistic research. The compendium bridges science and art—often times seen as diverging spheres of knowledge and interpretation—through texts and visual contributions, discussions, methods, manifestos, and metaphors. Featured artists are: György Kepes, founder of the MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS); artists Attila Csörgö, Laurent Grasso, Guillermo Faivovich & Nicolás Goldberg, Florian Dombois, and alumna Jae Rhim Lee; as well as Gediminas Urbonas, ACT Professor, and Nader Tehrani, Head of MIT’s Department of Architecture. The book also includes essays by Stefan Helmreich, MIT Professor of Anthropology; Nicholas Ashford, MIT Professor of Technology and Policy; and Márton Orosz, 2011 Kepes Fellow.

Taking up Kepes on his call for “art on a civic scale,” the book grew out of a collaboration between ACT and Siemens Stiftung, Munich, that included a series of exhibitions, lectures, and symposia. AR – Artistic Research explored artistic methodologies and forms of inquiry at the intersection of art, science, and technology, and unfolded in multiple formats during the academic year 2010–2011. The exhibition juxtaposed works by Hungarian artist Attila Csörgö who uses geometry to reconfigure spatial and temporal relations between objects, rarely-seen photograms and polaroids by György Kepes, the Infinity Burial Project of alumna Jae Rhim Lee, and A Guide to Campo del Cielo—a project by artists Faivovich & Goldberg about the cultural impact of the Campo del Cielo meteorites. The related lecture series, Collision 2: When Artistic and Scientific Research Meet, is streaming online trough MIT TechTV.

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The publication draws inspiration from a series of books collectively titled Vision + Value, edited by György Kepes and published by renowned publisher George Braziller between 1965 and 1966.

AR — Artistic Research was published by Koenig Books, London, and is available for sale through MIT Press Bookstore.