Azra Akšamija’s Museum Solidarity Lobby

Azra Aksamija, Museum Solidarity Lobby, 2013.

Azra Akšamija’s Museum Solidarity Lobby is currently on view in 1:1 STOPOVER, an exhibit that interrogates the role of institutions in mediating the relationship between art and people. 1:1 STOPOVER runs until January 12, 2014, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia. The exhibit also includes the works of former Kepes Fellow Tadej Pogačar and CAVS Fellow Marjetica Potrc.

Professor Akšamija describes Museum Solidarity Lobby in her own words: “Museum Solidarity Lobby (MSL) is a system that creates empathy with threatened [cultural] heritage worldwide, while critically reflecting on the role and relevance of the museum in a civil society. The system is open to public participation and operates though spatial, activist and discursive forms of lobbying. MSL is motivated by the acute crisis of chief cultural institutions in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which are shutting down due to economic and political crisis. In a divided society that is still recovering from the ethnic cleansing and the systematic destruction of cultural heritage during the 1990s war, museums represent a contested sphere — they are in crisis precisely because they are meant to preserve the collective memory and the material evidence of coexistence in the region that nationalist extremists seek to erase. “ — Azra Akšamija, 2013


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