Green Summer

Partially Buried Continued. Korea Slides Digital film, 1997.

“Who owns history? Who can represent its complexity? Who cares?”

From Renée Green’s Partially Buried Continued (1997)


[Humans] fight and lose the battle, and the thing that they fought for comes about in spite of defeat, and when it comes it turns out not to be what they meant, and other [humans] have to fight for what they meant under another name.

 From Renée Green’s William Morris (2011)


In July 17th, the Studio Museum in Harlem opened a group exhibition showcasing its collection entitled Under Another Name; the exhibition title is taken from Renée Green’s letterpress and digital pigment print on display, William Morris (2011), which borrows and modifies 19th century artist, writer, utopian thinker and socialist activist William Morris’ words, from his novel A Dream of John Ball (1888); Morris’ novel focuses on the English peasants’ revolts of 1381.

Green’s William Morris is shown in conjunction with another work from her Sigetics series, Gertrude Stein (2011), another letterpress and digital pigment print now in the collection of the museum. According to the exhibition’s curator, Thomas J. Lax, “rather than privileging one medium over another, the exhibition looks at their interdependence and what happens when a work is understood through the context of a new medium.” Under Another Name is on view until March 2015.

On July 27, the Museum der Moderne in Salzburg, Austria, opened its exhibition Art/Histories, curated by the museum’s director, Sabine Breitweiser and Christina Penetsdorfer. The first thematic exhibition under Breitweiser’s leadership, it showcases more than 330 works; the exhibition asks “Whose history is to be told, and from whose perspective? Whose task is it to tell it?” and also, “Can artists be (critical) historians? Can they tell us something that we do not already know from the profusion of facts and views with which today’s media flood us?”

In Art/Histories Green’s pioneering textile work and installation Commemorative Toile will be displayed until October 26th, 2014. Other artists in this group exhibition are Marcel Broodthaers, Deimantas Narkevičius, Dan Graham, Harun Farocki, Simone Forti, Lothar Baumgarten, Andrea Fraser, Sanja Iveković, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Danh Vō, Jörg Immendorff, Otto Dix, and Lawrence Weiner, among many others.

On August 3rd, the index of Other Planes of There, Green’s collection of selected writings was delivered to Duke University Press. The 58-page index was produced by Javier Anguera Phipps, a member of contemporary culture index and its representative as Research Affiliate in ACT. Featuring Green’s writings from 1981 to 2010 and a new visual essay created by the artist for this volume, Other Planes of There is now being printed and scheduled to appear in October 2014. For more information about its contents, please refer to the Library of Congress’ CIP.

Every room has its gloom, the great thing is to find the color that will cut the gloom.

From Renée Green’s Gertrude Stein (2011).

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