Azra Akšamija’s Flocking Mosque at Islamopolitan / Istanbul Design Week / Nov 5-9

Azra Aksamija, Wearable Mosques. Installation view, 2013. Photo by Laura Anca Chichisan.

“Islamopolitan: Islam & Cosmopolitan” is an exhibition taking place November 5-9 at Istanbul Design Week in Istanbul, Turkey. The exhibit brings together a vast collection of pieces inspired by Islamic architecture from several international designers. The collection is a representation of the varying perspectives and interpretations of Islamic architecture and its historical developments.

Flocking Mosque, a 2008 project by Azra Akšamija, will be featured in the exhibit. Flocking Mosque creates a prayer space in the form of a rug made of little textile pieces, which can be used as slippers and hand pillows, facilitating Islamic ritual prayer by providing a clean space. The rug is used during the five daily prayers, a crucial pillar of the rules Muslims observe known as the ‘Pillars of Faith.’ The project takes its visual inspiration from the decorative details visible on various religious monuments in Islamic societies. The project juxtaposes geometric patterns with the patterns of worshipper behavior. Flocking Mosques was created for the group showmanifeSTATION and displayed at Manifesta 7 from July 29 to November 2, 2008.

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