Renée Green at the Schindler House, Los Angeles

Renee Green. Begin Again, Begin Again Renée Green. Begin Again, Begin Again. Installation view. © MAK Center / Photo by Joshua White

On January 21st, the MAK Center for Art and Architecture at the Schindler House in Los Angeles opened Begin Again, Begin Again, a solo exhibition by Renée Green.

Built by Rudolph M. Schindler in 1922 as his home, the Schindler House is considered a milestone in architectural modernism, a precedent to what was later designated as California Modernism and a utopian attempt at shaping new forms of collective living.

Jumping off from the notion of evocative objects as things we think with, yet having an emotional valence, Green used the Schindler House on Kings Road and its surrounding gardens as matter in space conjoined with dreams and memories, becoming a generative node for her ongoing explorations and imaginings.

The question that Green poses in this project is: What did and may emerge from the coordinates Vienna and Los Angeles in conjunction with a span of 128 years and the variety of subjectivities and histories invoked in the works presented?

In Begin Again, Begin Again, the house’s studio features a new film by Green shown in conjunction with other of her earlier films in which ideas of inhabitation, space, place & architecture continue to be explored; the rest of the house is occupied by a multi-channel sound installation transforming a series of vitrines into audio devices; the combination of the vitrienes’ contents–a suit of prints, different ephemera and books–and the sound installation, provide an immersive and layered audiovisual environment, punctuated with voices, among them that of Schindler’s 1912 manifesto, Modern Architecture: A Program; the house’s courtyards host Green’s Space Poem #5 (Years & Afters), and are accompanied by a garden sound piece, Muriel’s Words.

In addition, on January 28th, the MAK Center for Art and Architecture hosted a public discussion between Green and art historians and Professors Gloria Sutton and Nizan Shaked, making it the first public event dedicated to Green’s book of selected writings, Other Planes of There; the book has a vitrine in the exhibition dedicated to its publishing process.

On view until March 29th, Begin Again, Begin Again invites a circulatory experience in which space and attention via movement and time are used to “perform” the Schindler House. From this nexus of imagined and lived experience a heterogeneous cast of characters emerges, as well as perceptions of many modernities and what exceeds them.

What do we see and hear when ideas migrate from one location to another?

“You Will Find Yourself Among People.”
(From the film Begin Again, Begin Again, 2015)