Milan Design Week | Azra Aksamija | Flocking Mosque at the SuperStudio | Apr 14-19

Azra Aksamija's Flocking Mosque at the SuperStudio, Milan Design Week Images: Courtesy of Maraya Art Centre Sharjah 2015.

ACT Assistant Professor, Azra Aksamija‘s “Flocking Mosque” is featured in the exhibition, Islamopolitan on view at the SuperStudio in Milan, Italy from April 14- 19, as part of Milan Design Week 2015.

Islamopolitan was initially presented at the Maraya Art Centre in Sharjah’s Al Qasba as part of the Istanbul Design Week of 2014. Co-curated by Shafar and the centre’s manager, Giuseppe Moscatello, the exhibition’s aim is to spearhead “a proposed conversation between Islam and design”. The title of the exhibition, a compound of the words “Islam” and “cosmopolitan”, captures the spirit of the exercise, the show “connotes multiculturalism and diversity but also contextualism”.

Emerging and established local, regional and international designers and artists were invited to present objects that explore the relationship between Islam and design, both in terms of aesthetics and meaning. The intention was to encourage debate, while remaining respectful of the religion. And so the focus becomes less on the faith itself, and more on the symbols, architecture, design motifs, rituals and preconceptions surrounding Islam.

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