Tobias Putrih | Solar Limb / Routine Inspection

Tobias Putrih "Solar Limb / Routine Inspection" Double exhibition catalog "Routine Inspection" and "Solar Limb." gurgur editions 2015. image Tobias Putrih.

The double catalog of ACT lecturer, Tobias Putrih’s 2014 exhibitions “Routine Inspection” at steirischer herbst and “Solar Limb” at Haus Konstruktiv, Zurich is now available. The publication features contributions by Luigi Fassi, Andrei Pop, Sabine Schaschl & Kirsten Swenson.

Solar Limb/Routine Inspection
Published by gurgur editions with Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Zurich and steirischer herbst, Graz
Edited by Sabine Schaschl and Luigi Fassi
Texts by Luigi Fassi, Andrei Pop, Sabine Schaschl & Kirsten Swenson
Design by Olivier Lamy, Brussels
144 pages | color print | hard cover | English/German edition
ISBN 978-961-91531-6-1
Price: 30,- EUR

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For more info on Putrih’s work see our interview with him on inside-act