Bridge the Gap? 12

A public lecture on March 4, 2016 at 10am-4pm at Museo Villa Croce

Proposing a non-linear, non-hierarchical approach to knowledge production, ACT Prof Emerita Joan Jonas and ACT Fellow Pelin Tan in conversation as part of Bridge The Gap? 12, a public lecture at Museo d’arte contemporanea Villa Croce.

Organized by Center for Contemporary Art, CCA Kitakyushu in collaboration with Space Caviar
Curated by Akiko Miyake / CCA Kitakyushu
and Joseph Grima / Space Caviar

BRIDGE THE GAP? aims to create an ongoing forum for artists, scientists, designers, and thinkers in the humanities to exchange ideas and stimulate each other in an interdisciplinary exploration while respecting the different approaches and values embedded in each discipline.

Stefano Boeri (Architecture) / Didier Faustino (Architecture) / Joan Jonas (Visual Art) / Kazuo Okanoya (Neuroscience) / David Peace (Literature) / Pelin Tan (Sociology) Rirkrit Tiravanija (Visual Art) / Lam Keong Yeoh (Economy)