Harmonic Conduit | O+A (Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger)

Harmonic Conduit

O+A, a collaboration between ACT’s Visiting Lecturer Sam Auinger together with Bruce Odland, present their work Harmonic Conduit, 2017 as part of Listen Hear: The Art of Sound, a group exhibition at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. 

Located in Boston’s Ruggles Station, Harmonic Conduit sonically links two communities, Northeastern University and Roxbury. The asymmetry of power usage between the communities can be read in the soundscapes O+A tapped to create a harmonic conduit between the two. By collecting human-scaled activities from Northeastern and Lower Roxbury—essentially severed by the architecture and functionality of the station—and sending tuned versions to the other side of the station, O+A hope to create a sonic conduit between the communities while altering the sonic identity of the station itself with a harmonic transformation in scale with human perception.