act student and lecturer selected as participants for world design event

Dutch Design Week 2017

As part of the Dutch Design Week, a new program is being created: the World Design Event (WDE). In this inaugural year for WDE, an international cohort of designers, makers, and thinkers are being brought together to work on the shaping of the future.

One part of WDE is Antenna, an international conference where 20 visionary young talents gather to discuss how design can contribute to solutions for the future. Two of these 20 artists come from ACT!

Lucy Siyao Liu is a designer working on evolving representation techniques for cultural production. Her work addresses contestations and disjunctions that occur in imaging technologies, with an emphasis on exploring systems of nature through experimental drawings and animations. Lucy recently received a post-professional research degree in Architectural Design at MIT, and she is currently a lecturer with ACT.

Nicolas Kisic Aguirre is an architect, artist and designer from Lima, Peru, and a current student at ACT. His work, the Modular Rhythm Machine, was just featured in the Ars Electronica Festival. Nicolas is presently focused in researching the potential of sound as it is relevant to different notions of power, politics and the public sphere. Within this practice, he is invested in the production of work that aims to explore, understand and activate space and its occupancy through sound and sonic objects.