Artistic Research Luncheon on Oct. 2 – Hinrich Sachs, Soft Machine Orality: Voice and Value Added

Hinrich Sachs, Robotdoll Sobbing, 2013. Photo credit and copyright: Hinrich Sachs

Critically reflecting upon Western cultural frameworks in his practice for over two decades, Hinrich Sachs focuses on testing, choreographing and transferring these frameworks’ forms and formats. Here, orality and its role as a social as well as cultural agent have been core issues. By elaborating on the projects Kami, Khokha, Bert and Ernie (World Heritage), as well as Fog Friend Font, Sachs will raise questions about how the idea and the embodiment of non-human others and their voices in realms like technology, or the edutainment industry, subvert the Western concept of the subject and radicalize current perspectives of the voice as an agent.


Part of the ACT Artistic Research Luncheon Series.