Toshihiro Komatsu to Exhibit at Thailand Biennale 2018

Sea Room, Setouchi Triennale 2013, Takamijima, Kagawa, Japan, Toshihiro Komatsu

ACT Alumnus Toshihiro Komatsu (1999) will be exhibiting in the upcoming Thailand Biennale 2018.

Thailand Biennale is a biannual international contemporary art exhibition initiated by the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture, Ministry of Culture, Thailand. Being one of the first-ever art biennales in Thailand, Thailand Biennale is unique for the change of sites and locations every two years. Its first edition is set to launch in November 2018 in Krabi province with Jiang Jiehong as the lead curator and ‘Edge of the Wonderland’ as the artistic concept, promising for an exciting and challenging outdoors display of site-specific installations amidst majestic natural attractions in Krabi.

On his personal website, Komatsu describes his work as:
My work is about the relationships between built spaces I myself have encountered, the people who live and work there, and the nearby environment. I went to Germany in 1994 and then lived in the Netherlands (1994-97) and the United States (1997-2002). At present, I reside in Kyoto. My investigative method is to study the architectural peculiarities of a place and define its identity, creating specific works for that particular place in response to the individual architectural cases I have encountered in the cities of various countries (artists’ studios, offices, private homes, exhibition spaces, for example). In another sense, I reconstruct the traditional spatial relationship between inside and outside, creating all sorts of work by the relocation or reconstruction of built spaces or changing their scale. Using temporary structures, sculpture, models, photography, drawing, and other media, I indicate different ways of seeing a single space. My research results may take the form of an indoor installation or various sizes and types of architectural models or pavilions placed in a variety of situations in public spaces.

The above image is from his exhibition, Sea Room, at the Setouchi Triennale 2013 in Takamijima, Kagawa, Japan.  The project consisted of a transparent wall of roughly 3000 glass containers, filled with seawater from the shoreline of Takami Island in Kagawa, Japan.

In an article by DesignBoom, it describes Sea Room as “a facade of stacked water-saturated volumes that translate as a towering glass block. The installation’s irregular shape delineates the silhouette of Takami Island, its twisting profile and curved corners creating a horseshoe-like form that visitors can enter and survey inside. Komatsu‘s hope for the sculptural work is to draw attention to the Seto Inland Sea — an instrumental and precious natural resource for its inhabitants — by altering the water’s traditional perception and purpose into a matter that can be viewed through a glass lens.”