Joshuah Jest (SMACT ’18): Gestations

Joshuah Jest, Gestations (concept rendering), 2018

Final Review, Spring 2018
Joshuah Jest

Gestations (under development), is a multi-channel projection installation that would utilize the highly visible storefront windows of the Metropolitan Storage Warehouse in Cambridge, MA. The installation will feature a series of durational multichannel films and animations that will occupy a space that is otherwise off-limits to public or private use.

Gestations will also produce an open call for community artwork and content. Templates to create drawings and animations for the façade will be made avail-able to students and the larger Boston Community. Students and locals will also be invited to use the production model to record films addressing subjects of their own concern such as issues of race, gender, and mental health. The hope is that collecting and visualizing the thoughts and dreams of the local community will help to strengthen a shared awareness of community urgencies, aesthetics, and values.