Zach Jama (SMACT ’19): Above the Lights, and Healing with Natalie

Zach Jama, Final Review, Spring 2018.

Final Review, Spring 2018
Zach Jama

Above the Lights

Ambient sound experience guided through light exploration, experienced using a Virtual Reality (VR) headset.

This project seeks to draw inspiration from artists such as Francisco Lopez and Christina Kubisch, by creating both an immersive sound ecology with an electromagnetic investigation and for the audience to experience through, in this case, VR playback.

The narrative in this sound experience is a search for new perspectives and an attempt at finding different ways at sensing spaces that are familiar to us through our everyday routines. What if we flew into our everyday spaces through the air vents or the cracks of the doors, as opposed to our normal footsteps? What sounds would we hear and what frequencies would fascinate us?

The recording tools were a contact microphone and a Kodak sp360 camera for visualization.


Healing with Natalie

The impact of mass incarceration and crime is felt across USA. “Healing with Natalie” is a VR story that follows Natalie Logan, as she shares her healing process, nearly a decade after her son’s murder.

Natalie is in a theater group, “And Still We Rise”, and is using theater to tell the story of her son. During the filming process, we used the Kodak sp360 camera and samsung gear 360. I worked alongside Dustin Dwyer and Gillian Belton.